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We perform valuations for a variety of purposes, such as:


Financial reporting:

  • Business interest and  equity valuation

  • Derivatives, contingent  consideration, and  complex financial  instruments

  • Fresh start accounting

  • Impairment reviews 

  • Intangible asset and  intellectual property  valuations

  • Portfolio valuations

  • Purchase price  allocations

  • Stock based Compensations


Transaction support:

  • Business valuation for buy-side or sell-side M&A

  • Fairness opinions and  formal valuations

  • Investment decision  and capital validation

  • Shareholder agreement  and joint venture  agreement exit clauses

  • Strategy development  and valuations  including financial  modelling


Tax reporting:

  • Stock based compensation

  • Succession or estate planning

  • Valuations for corporate or personal  Tax


Other purposes:

  • Commercial disputes

  • Expert testimony

  • International arbitration

  • Matrimonial and estate disputes

  • Minority interest, dissent, and oppression claims

  • Purchase price disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

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